Cloud Servers vs. Dedicated Servers

  1. How quickly can I have resources online? With cloud servers, you can have resources online within minutes. But with dedicated servers this can take considerably longer, even weeks in some circumstances.
  2. Can I upgrade the RAM, disk space and CPU? The answer is yes for both cloud and dedicated servers. The key difference here is that with cloud servers, this can be achieved in only a few clicks or even automated using an API. However, with dedicated servers, this is a manual process that would require a scheduled maintenance window.
  3. Can I achieve High Availability quickly and cost effectively? Again, yes for both options. However, this can be achieved very quickly with cloud servers. You can configure an HA environment quickly with multiple cloud servers and a load balancer within minutes. While you can request an HA environment within a dedicated infrastructure using multiple dedicated servers and a dedicated load balancer, this can take hours or even days to build. Another key difference here is that building a HA environment in the cloud can cost up to 60% less.
  4. Can I easily run cost-effective segmentation of resources? Compartmentalizing your resources by function allows for easy scalability, management and resource segmentation. This can be achieved cost effectively in the cloud. However, this type of compartmentalization is very expensive to achieve with dedicated hardware.
  5. Is monitoring available and can I get technical support? The answer to this is yes for both options.
  6. Can I address stringent security and compliance needs? If this is a requirement, then dedicated hardware might be the best choice for your business. Complete compliance with most regulations can be achieved in a dedicated environment.
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