Fiber Connection

Advantages of Internet Fiber

Fiber connection provides more bandwidth than copper and has standardized performance up to 10 GB. Fiber provides extremely reliable data transmission. It’s completely immune to many environmental factors that affect copper cable. Your data is safe with fiber cable. It doesn’t radiate signals and is extremely difficult to tap. In addition, because the fiber optic signal is made of light, very little signal loss occurs during transmission, and data can move at higher speeds. Internet services for residential and commercial. Internet connection for small business and enterprises.

In-building CompuSOURCE Fiber

CompuSOURCE Fiber is fast, reliable, and secure. Our installed fiber backbone internet connections feature higher quality, lower pricing, and local tech support.

Pricing depends on location and availability.

Our fiber connection provides increased security, more bandwidth, and a faster data connection than any other internet connection on the market today.

  • Our fiber optic connection transmit data in the form of light; this allows us to deliver connection speeds unmatched by coaxial networks.
  • We employ one of the most secure mediums for data transmission.
  • You’ll experience faster internet speeds and reliable clear phone service.

Super fast high-speed Internet makes it all possible.

    • Limitless entertainment.

      With up to 1000 Mbps, our fiber optic Internet lets you do whatever you want, whenever you want. Download in seconds and stream instantly. Go ahead, use multiple devices at the same time.


    • Uploads as fast as downloads.

      Whatever you use high-speed Internet for–broadcasting live, uploading your photos, sharing huge files, or video chatting in HD–our symmetrical upload and download speeds give you all the power you’ll need and then some.


  • Powerful Wireless Internet.

    Get powerful Wi-Fi, designed to give you access to CompuSOURCE fiber high-speed Internet throughout your home.

We believe in what-you-see-is-what-you-get Internet.

  • Use as much Internet as you want.

    We’re the Internet service provider who won’t put caps on how much data you can use. So go ahead and stream, download, and play your heart out. 

Powerful Wifi

You will get cutting edge wi-fi technology in your home with our high-performance fiber connection.

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