Internet and WiFi Solutions for Your Local Events


If you are in Miami and hosting an event, and looking for the temporary internet solution then we are here for you.

Please speak to one of our advisior and get your custom quotation. 

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Event Internet in Miami


Pre-Event Planning

By conducting pre-event planning meeting, we can make sure that your WiFi network is designed and deployed for success.

On-Site Installation

Our expert installation team sets up your WiFi network with your needs always at the forefront.


To ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible, we monitor your WiFi network from start to finish.

Guaranteed Bandwidth

CompuSOURCE creates a bandwidth plan based on your requirements, but we can dynamically allocate more within minutes.

Ultra Low Latency

Our WiFi system was designed to deliver faster and lower latency connections so your guests don't experience data delay issues.

24/7 Technical Support

We know how important your event is to you and are available 24/7 should any issues arise that need technical attention.


WiFi Services


Getting Started with Event WiFi

When planning an event that requires WiFi service, there are some important factors to consider. How many users will be accessing the network?  What is the size of the space that I need WiFi coverage? Getting accurate answers to these questions can help us design a custom high-density wireless network for your event.  The answers to these discovery questions will prove invaluable to the success of your project.  Our planning session will help us make the decisions concerning the amount of bandwidth you will require and how to accurately create your coverage map.

Music Concerts and Venues

With today’s ticket and pass prices, concert and music festival goers expect an amazing WiFi experience.  Slow service or no service can cause frustration and reflect poorly on your event.  Having a robust WiFi network is key to enriching fans experience.  When you are providing a WiFi network to your guests, it is not only a convenience.  Vendors need internet access to complete sales and production staff need access to promote their artist to fans unable to attend.  Having a reliable WiFi network onsite takes all the guesswork out of relying on local cellular service.

Hotels and Conference Centers

Many conference centers and hotels do not provide the necessary bandwidth when you consider multi-media and multi-device uses during the event.  This can be even more pronounced when the facility is filled to capacity or during peak hours.  When you consider that you only have once chance to create a great experience for your guests, it is prudent to choose a provider with experience building and managing these systems under similar circumstances.  This is your chance to shine by providing high-quality internet connection.

High-Density WiFi Deployment

You can count on CompuSOURCE to design and deploy your high-density WiFi network using industry best practices with little or no environmental impact.  When we arrive on-site, we have conducted a thorough pre-event planning call and have surveyed the event grounds.  Using state-of-the art hardware and cabling system, you can rest knowing that you are getting a network that is designed for success.  Our experience technicians will be on-site to make any adjustments and monitor your network closely for any changes that would require action.

Affordable and Reliable

No matter the size of your event or your WiFi needs, CompuSOURCE can provide you with the most reliable and affordable solution for temporary internet service.  With years of experience working with event promoters and company event planners, we know how to best serve you and your guests.  If you are looking to create a memorable experience for your guests or attendees, call CompuSOURCE today and we will gladly review your requirements and create a custom plan of action for your success.

Event Surveillance in Miami

Modern improvements in surveillance technology and connectivity have made security cameras the perfect solution for surveillance purposes at trade shows, conventions, and other events. The flexibility and ease of use of wireless IP cameras can make your next event more secure than ever before. 

CompuSOURCE Trade Show and Convention Rentals will provide all the hardware, software and internet connectivity needed to set up your temporary DVR monitoring station for your next big event, trade show or convention.

Event Webcasting in Miami

CompuSOURCE Trade Show & Convention Rentals in Miami has streaming audio visual solutions for you. Streaming video and audio is a great way to enhance your booth, stand or presentation at any event. Our high-speed temporary internet access, which can be set up anywhere your event is taking place, will allow you and your team to integrate live or prepared streaming multimedia feeds in-site.

Streaming video and audio will provide additional features for your event and its attendants. You can use cutting-edge technology to create streaming video to and from your trade show booth to increase your ROI.

Why Choose CompuSOURCE?

  • We will take responsibility for every part of your network, providing a single point of contact and detailing of all wired and wireless network services on one invoice.
  • An internet service for your event that includes everything from complete on-site network design, deployment, and management to renting hardware and leasing bandwidth.
  • Allows you to create high-speed temporary internet access at any venue, indoor or outdoor, nearly anywhere in the world.
  • Attendee productivity is your top concern and your event is too important to risk network failure.