High-Speed Internet For Small Business

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Super fast gigabit Internet makes it all possible.

  • Limitless entertainment.

    With up to 1000 Mbps, our fiber optic Internet lets you do whatever you want, whenever you want. Download in seconds and stream instantly. Go ahead, use multiple devices at the same time.

  • Uploads as fast as downloads.

    Whatever you use high-speed Internet for–broadcasting live, uploading your photos, sharing huge files, or video chatting in HD–our symmetrical upload and download speeds give you all the power you’ll need and then some.

  • Powerful Wireless Internet.

    Get powerful Wi-Fi, designed to give you access to CompuSOURCE gigabit Internet throughout your home.

Upgrade your business with Fiber

Powerful Wifi

You will get cutting edge wi-fi technology in your business with our high-performance network. One gigabit upload and download.

No Data Cap

We’re the Internet Service Provider who won’t put caps on how much data you can use. Stream, download and play your heart out.


Dedicated, high-performance connection for data-intensive, cloud-based and mission-critical applications. Get the bandwidth you need.

Internet Service Provider For Small Business

Is your Internet speed not keeping up with your evolving business demands? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to our insanely fast fiber internet service. Seriously.

Here at CompuSource, we provide friendly, reliable service with blistering speeds of up to 1 Gigabyte per second (Gbps). And if your business burns through data? Relax. Here, you’ll find no data caps, no hassles, and no fuss. Instead, we offer a simple and elegant solution to your slow Internet woes.

And best of all, we’re not some big, faceless corporation. We’re also your neighbors, serving small businesses here in Miami-Dade County, Broward County, and Palm Beach County.

Nine Great Reasons to Check Out Our Incredible Fiber Internet Service

  • Save time! You’ll get super-fast speeds of up to 1 Gbps.
  • We’ll hold your hand. Our friendly, helpful tech support is just a phone call away.
  • Just a quick, easy, and hassle-free installation of our fiber internet service and you’re all set.
  • Share your files as swiftly as you can download them. Our uploads are as fast as our downloads.
  • Connect your WiFi effortlessly. Our powerful WiFi signal carries throughout your business.
  • No commitment! We offer month-to-month plans with no contract required.
  • … Or, we can design a custom plan and pricing that’s tailored to your needs.
  • Your data and personal information are a lot more secure when transferred via fiber optics.
  • Only 25 percent of the country has access to this cutting-edge technology. Don’t miss out!

We’ve Got the Fastest High-Speed Internet Service For Small Businesses in Miami

That’s right. CompuSource has the fastest Internet in the Greater Miami Metropolitan area bar none. In fact, our upload and download speeds are super-fast and go up to 1 Gbps. That’s way faster than the average 12 Megabits per second (Mbps) folks are getting around here.

Don’t believe it? Check out the results from our speed test below. Our fast fiber internet service runs circles around other local internet service providers (ISPs) again and again.

Is Fiber Optic Internet Near Me?

Our high-speed fiber optic internet service is available in nearly every part of Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties.

(Note: We Cater To Businesses Only)

Are You Ready?

Are you ready to dump your slow Internet? Let us help you find the right fast fiber internet service plan.

You can call us at 305.234.5555.

What Do I Need a Faster Internet Service For?

After all, your cable or DSL is fast enough, at least most of the time. But for the same as what you’re paying, or maybe a little more, you can literally transform your online experience.

  • Streaming video: Say goodbye to pixelated pictures, long pauses, and jerky playbacks. Say hello to crystal clear audio, stunning hi-def video quality, and smooth streaming.
  • Audio streaming: Whether you’re listening to podcasts or your favorite tracks on Spotify and Pandora, you’ll get high-fidelity sound at high sample rates.
  • Image sharing: As an artist, photographer, filmmaker, or hobbyist, uploading and sharing files can be a pain. But thanks to our fiber optics, those days are in the past.
  • File sharing: You have a deadline and need to upload your presentation to Google Drive so your team can review it. But… Ugh… The clock’s ticking, your file’s stuck in limbo, and you desperately want to grab some lunch… Imagine what it would be like for files to transfer in seconds!

What Are Fiber Optics and How Do They Work?

Fiber optics technology works the same as our landlines or cable T.V. and internet… Only better.

The telephone lines we see while walking down the street connect to our homes and are made of copper. Many of us also refer to them as “POTS” (plain old telephone service) or “land lines,” Our landline networks have been around for over 100 years and have served us well. But in the age of cell phones and high-speed internet, these phone lines are in decline. They’re less efficient and also very expensive for the telcos to maintain.

The advent of fiber optic cables has brought dramatic changes to the internet and our telecommunications. It’s taking time for Google, AT&T, and other carriers to roll out the fiber optics networks. At this rate, it’ll be years before this service is available to everyone. But for people here in South Florida, the future is already here. And since it’s just begun to take hold, you’ll keep it for years — or even decades — to come.

In a Nutshell: A DSL-Cable-Fiber Comparison

So why should you think about making the switch to fiber? How is it better than DSL or cable? As we explain on our page about internet fiber, it’s much faster and way more secure. For more information, see the comparisons below.

* DSL: Is slower and has less bandwidth (ability to transfer data) than cable or fiber. The speeds vary wildly depending on how far you are from your ISPs office. But if you mainly just use the Internet for web browsing, email, and social media this might work… Especially since DSL is often significantly cheaper.

* Cable: Download speeds range from 10-400 Mbps. But if you often need to send files to clients or to work, that can get rough. Why? Because the upload speeds are only 5-50 Mbps. That’s because cable is designed to deliver movies and TV shows, not for people to create and share content. Worst of all, with cable, you share bandwidth with your neighbors. If you work at home, watch out. When your neighbors come home to surf the web or watch Netflix, your download speed may tank by 20-40 percent.

* Fiber: Fiber optic cables are made of thin strands of glass. Glass can carry sounds, images, bits, and bytes much farther and more accurately than copper. This means you can do the things you do on the internet a lot faster. Sure, fiber internet service may cost a bit more. However, it saves time, makes you more productive, and is much more reliable. Plus, it streams audio and video so fast, you may be able to save by cutting your cable service.

Life is full of friction and annoyances: Your work and play time online shouldn’t be. Sign up with us and make the Internet your happy place.

Business Fiber Internet

And if you’re a business in need of a connectivity solution that’s secure, robust, and scalable, look no further. Our business fiber internet plans help you contain costs while giving you the flexibility you need for growth. Here at CompuSource, we’ve got a great team that can help you with all your networking needs under one roof.

Our services also include web hosting, VoIP, network design, networking, structured cabling, security, data recovery, and more. We even have web designers on call, just in case. In fact, just think of us as a one-stop consulting shop for all of your IT needs. If we don’t have someone on staff to do something, we know someone who can.

Our success depends on your success. Feel free to call us at any time at 305.234.5555

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