Getting Faster Connections With Ethernet Over Fiber

There is a continuous demand for innovative technology to provide support for all level s of communication. Communication over the internet has become very critical to businesses as well as individuals. The data transmission devices that are available today require faster connectivity for them to be able to operate at optimal levels. This is why the use of Ethernet over fiber has become necessary.

There have been a lot of changes in download speeds and broadband services. Consumers are no longer satisfied with the 2 Mbps downloads that were previously available. These days, it is not unusual for individuals to demand for 6 Mbps and above. Increased bandwidth makes it possible to have better video and audio applications. The type of speed that is required for these applications is almost impossible without advance broadband services.

The speed of this technology is much better than that of traditional cable, satellite and wireless connections. This is the best of available broadband technology. Individuals and businesses that require high speed internet can easily see the difference when they switch to this platform.

It also has a higher capacity than other types of connections. It can carry data over longer distances than traditional copper cables. Fiber optic cable is also easier to handle because it is lighter in weight. It has more durability than other types of connection. Companies that already have a fiber optic infrastructure will not have to spend too much money on the installation.

In order for Ethernet over fiber to work, there is a need for the installation of the necessary infrastructure. It is yet to be available everywhere because it is still a relatively new development. Presently, a lot of cable and telecommunication companies have already taken advantage of this tech. The popularity is increasing and more companies are now putting in place the necessary infrastructure.

Ethernet over fiber can be a cost effective business solution in the long run. However, it is still more expensive than a T1 line when compared on a per megabit basis. It may presently be higher in cost than other broadband services but prices are likely to drop as it becomes more popular and more vendors come into the market. Companies that have to build new infrastructure will have to spend more money.

The importance of having the right WAN or Wide Area Network is more apparent as companies depend increasingly on the availability of reliable connections. In order to remain competitive, a business has to be able to deliver superior services at faster speeds. The right Ethernet system will provide the necessary support for a wide array of applications. The business will not be limited in its expansion if it has the right infrastructure in place. This will enable the organization to take advantage of available technology.

The speed of connection is greatly increased by Ethernet over fiber. It makes it possible to receive premium service for the transmission of data. This technological innovation is expected to become more relevant to the feature of business communication.

The Roles Of Fiber Providers

The growing need for faster and more efficient communication has become evident in today’s technology driven society. Fiber optic networks made considerable advances over the last ten years and have now become pivotal to many influential companies. Accordingly, fiber providers have become invaluable to the industry.

We have not always enjoyed the systems which we have today. Electrical transmission was the only way of providing telecommunications up until a few years ago. Electrical transmission required the use of large quantities of copper wires which created considerable inconveniences. The use of new technology provides many benefits not available through the older system.

Perhaps the most important thing for people to remember concerning the use of fiber optics is that this is a system that works using light. Such cables are merely a means of transporting this light which carries our information from one place to another.
The signal is created through the use of a transmitter. Once the transmitter has created the signal, this is then sent through a cable at an incredibly fast speed. Devices located at the intended destination of the signal then process the information and convert it to an electrical signal. Interference can distort the information sent through fiber optics. It is therefore crucial that measures be taken to prevent such interference and ensure you get the clearest signal possible.

Millions of people worldwide now have access to the internet. With the Internet’s ever evolving technology and services, the standard for connection speeds has continued to increase. As more people access the internet, our system’s speeds must increase in order to deliver the desired result by those surfing the web.

Perhaps the industry’s most influential companies have been the telephone companies who have been vital in the solidifying the importance of the fiber optics system and those who provide it. There were those who foresaw the change from the old copper wire system to a new technology. In an attempt to control the changing market these individuals purchased large amounts of these cables in preparation for the change.

The plan to monopolize the market did not work entirely as planned however. Many smaller companies that realized the importance this new technology would have acquired surplus supplies of cables from larger companies. As a result of this a new telecommunications system was established.
The need for these providers has continued to grow over the years. Their importance was fueled by the need for the cables which they possessed to increase connection speed for a multitude of online activities including the downloading of information and media.

Fiber has also proven vital to the educational community. Universities world wide have invested in the installation of these systems to increase the rate at which educators are able to communicate and transfer information to their students.

The presence of fiber providers can be heavily felt on the internet. If you wish to set up such a network within your company or educational venue you can find the information and providers required to complete your project through a simple internet search.

The Advantages Of Ethernet Over Fiber

When a person is looking at the differences of Ethernet over Fiber, there are a few things that should be kept in mind. The main thing that has to be looked at is the fact that the more that you use one over the other, the quicker that you will be able to see the difference. There are a great number of businesses that use these services for their data storage as well as their transfer of important data.

While Fiber has been around for some time and seems to be the new technology, it is important that you do not abandon your Ethernet yet. There are some drawbacks to this that makes the latter a better option for the transfer of data from one place to another. The most important part of this process is the concept that fiber can allow for faster data transfer.

Speed is another part of the decision making process. Ethernet over Fiber would seem that the former is the faster of the two. In reality, this almost comes down to an even race, both connection can be as fast as the other. There may be a slight difference in the speed, but it is not that much of a difference that will make a big impact.

There is the cost factor that has to be addressed; the more expensive option is looked at as always being the better of the two. Fiber is often a lot more expensive to run and therefore leads to a lot more cost that has to be undertaken for the installation process.
This in turn can lead to a number of serious issues that have to be addressed. The main cause of these issues is that you need to see how much money are you going to spend to get the latest fiber installed in the office.

For installation on Ethernet over Fiber, Fiber wins in the fact that it is a lot easier to install and will require very little additional equipment that has to be used in the process of getting the desired results. It has a high set up cost but an entire office can be up, ready in a matter of days depending on the size, and even quicker than that if the office is a rather small one.

If you talk to a professional, you will quickly see the difference in these two types of connection and you will be able to make a wise decision for the type of wiring that you will have for your office and communications to the internet.

An Alternative: Dark Fiber Networks

With existing misconceptions in internet providers, it is hard to determine the best network setups in the market. Dark Fiber networks can be the best alternative to counter all these setbacks and make your internet reliable and faster. The cables are buried underground and out of reach for any intruders who may tamper with the cables.


Since they are cheap and affordable, you can acquire them for a long lasting solution to all your network necessities. More fibers can be fitted into one bundle and maintain the full capacity of all the connections in a company. Perhaps, that is why fiber networks can be the best suppliers for internet over copper cables that existed in the market.


Due to the fact that the cables can accommodate high volumes of data at a given time, it gives it an advantage in the internet sector. Companies such as the communications and the banking industry prefer dark fiber cables to accommodate heavy traffic in their systems. That is why they are preferred in strengthening telecommunication networks across the information technology sector.


They also offer unlimited bandwidth services depending on the route of internet traffic. This enhances the transmission of internet traffic from the main service providers to subscribed clients across the globe. More companies across the globe prefer such services to enhance service delivery to their esteemed customers.


Given that quality and value go hand in hand, the high quality of dark fiber match the prices offered in the market. They can survive underground over a long period without experiencing any defects in their network delivery. Perhaps, that is why their value is rated at higher prices than other internet cables such as copper cables.


Currently, many companies utilize the cables in increasing the length of their band and making their system effective. The network has a powerful connection strength that controls the security measures of the firm. Intruders and hackers cannot access the network without consulting the main management system. Hence, it has a customized security measure to counter data losses.


The maintenance costs are always secured since the cables are placed away from human exposure. This implies that only the staff can access the fiber optic in case they want to carry out any maintenance practices. Hence, network users do not suffer the costs of repairing the cables frequently due to human activities. Instead, they are secured by keeping the cables underground.


Owning the fiber network can also be advantageous to users at hand. In most cases, the fiber optic cables can be personalized to regulate data loss other than leasing them to outside service providers. Therefore, owning a network connection can be the best alternative in case you want to secure your data from competitors in the corporate world.


What Fiber Internet Providers Should Provide

Since almost everyone requires web connection in the modern world today, there are lots of firms that provide these important services. With the numerous technological know-how, you will need to also realize that there are lots of platforms which people hook up with the Internet. Ethernet fiber internet providers are one example of the various options you could utilize to acquire online.


Over the years, the communication and connectivity sector has become undergoing numerous developments. From the old dial-up systems which were very slow and limited in capacity, better systems were developed that could perform greater and transfer more data within even shorter times. In order to acquire the benefits of this brand new technology, you should identify an ISP and choose a package that suits your specific demands. Many people often not have the right information needed to make an informed decision when selecting an ISP. This is because of the insufficient adequate technical experience.


It is however interesting to notice that you have obligations that the company you decide to cope with must meet like you also need to provide some financial and contractual obligations to fulfill. In order to be able to hook up with the servers of service providing companies, there are many things required by place.


These things include some hardware, software and also some configurations. All these are the responsibility of the ethernet fiber internet providers. There are situations where many service provider companies may want you to purchase the equipment that will be used to acquire you to be online through their system. This in many cases isn’t recommended. The main reason is this type of move may confine you to employing their services even if they come to be inadequate.


It is only the networking system that you need to worry about. These include things like your router, the network switch or modem not to mention the computers or machines as part of your business.


They shouldn’t only bring the equipment and also have them installed but in addition, take charge of the maintenance and servicing. Since they are the professionals who understand what it will take to link you to their network, it should be their responsibility to handle the hardware and software applications you might need. The only thing you may be responsible for may be the security in the machines if they have to be installed as part of your premises.


If you decide to do business with a service provider that will either rent or just provide this infrastructure at their very own expense, you should only sign the contract for services you need. If you realize after a few months that they aren’t providing the services they signed to deliver, you can just cancel the agreement and have a whole new company to take over.


Why Fiber Internet Is The Future

Fiber internet connections are spreading through the entire United States. A growing amount of businesses and residences in Miami and also other areas is now able to access speeds of a single gigabit per second, and its because of the fiber-optic cables that now run right to their buildings. These cables transmit information using flashing lights rather than electric pulses, and since light moves faster than electricity, it might send additional information with less lag time.

However, fiber internet providers arent the only ones promising gigabit speeds nowadays. Other suppliers that offer internet connections (or a few DSL providers) have improved their infrastructure and technology in order to stay competitive and give gigabit speeds too. But something you need to bear in mind is the fact that while copper internet connections are struggling to arrive at these speeds, fiber connections are only how to get started.

Fiber-optic cables arent a new addition to the net infrastructure. These cables already connect internet servers and exchange points through the entire world, and theyre the reason you can talk to people on the other side of the globe quickly it doesn’t matter what type of connection you’ve in your house. Whats new is the fact that these cables are actually crossing a final miles to arrive at apartments, businesses, and also other customers. This implies that individuals in covered areas can enjoy the type of connection speeds utilized to move a billion times the maximum amount of information between central servers worldwide.

Fiber internet connections offer gigabit speeds, although thats an extremely speed by todays standards it’s going to probably appear to be painstaking, low-end speed in 15 to 20 years. However, regardless of whether internet speeds proceed to terabit speeds in the future, your fiber cable connection are able to continue. The speed of light can be so incredibly fast that the central cables that contain the internet together arent at full capacity. You might have to upgrade your hardware in your house a few times, though the fiber-optic cable connecting you to the net will be okay.

A fiber connection most likely are not the only way to have a gigabit connection according to in your geographical area, but that same connection can continue for years to come as the net becomes even faster. So if you wish to prosper of the curve and get a connection that doesnt slow when your neighbors utilize it, find out if you can exchange signal of a fiber provider today.

How Can Fiber Optic Internet Help Your Business Soar To New Levels?

If you are like us, you’re always looking for ways to improve your business efficiency. We do it in three ways. First, by delegating a task to an employee so we don’t have to do everything. Second, automate a task which is tedious and repetitive. And, third, improving a service or process to complete tasks faster. With something like fiber optic internet, we reach our goals way faster than our competition.


While sometimes we can’t afford to hire a new employee, we can still use additional software or service to make our work a lot easier. When we started our business, we were working a lot harder than we should have. We would spend unnecessary hours getting things done that would only take one hour to do.


The main cause was using the wrong process. It conditioned our brains in thinking using the wrong systems was the right thing to do. This is the main reason we take more time to plan things out. As a result, now with the right system in place with our fiber optic internet, we’re working faster than ever.



What speed does your business work in?

A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs have no clue how long most of their tasks take to complete. It’s understandable since business owners have a lot on their plate, but eventually, it’s much more profitable to know the duration of a task.


Let’s say an employee of yours is using an antiquated software that is slowing down their work. In addition, your internet service provider is supplying you with slow upload and download speeds. This is a perfect example of how your business is losing resources and could profit by fixing these bottlenecks.


You can work at the speed of light with fiber optic internet

Your business cannot afford to lose any missed opportunities due to slow Internet problems. Think about how much more things you can get done by your employees with all the time they can save not waiting for something to finish uploading or downloading. With fiber, you can increase the productivity of your business by going to speeds of 1Gpbs. That’s 100x faster than Cable or DSL.


You can completely forget about buffering or any latency issue if you are using fiber internet. The number of devices connected to your network will never slow your internet down. Typically in business, on average, we use simultaneously ten devices on the network. As your business scales, the network won’t keep up and you’ll eventually experience bandwidth issues.




Less downtime, and more reliability

We know the frustration you experience when your network or internet goes down. This is the primary reason we offered our own internet service to Miami. We wanted to give the community a reliable service that has over 90% uptime through fiber optic internet. We knew there were other people like us that didn’t like Comcast and cable internet as much as we did.


Imagine working in an area or in your business where you experience frequent outages. You’ll have so many interruptions where you can’t get any work done. Luckily, with fiber optic internet you are less likely to go down if any slight power issue happens in your neighborhood. This connection has cables that have strains of glass and does not generate electricity.


Fiber Optic Internet is being more available in commercial areas

When fiber was first introduced, only a select few people were lucky enough to try this new technology. Back in 2012, only 10% of the nation was getting this special connection despite the introduction. That is no longer the case since things have expanded across the nation. Look at Google Fiber when they first rolled out their fiber technology, it was only available in California. Now fiber optic internet is propagating slowly to different states and eventually will be available for everyone.


We were the first ones on board when this technology was under development so we learned more about it and developed our own fiber optic internet service. Hence, this is a reason fiber is available in Miami-Dade, Broward County, and Palm Beach County since 2012. A lot has changed since then and so has the process we deploy fiber optic internet to any small business in Miami.




A whole ton of bandwidth for your business

Don’t let these other internet service providers fool you when they say they have the highest bandwidth available on the market. They’ll sell you this technology desire and then cap you when you least expect it. These are some tactics we despise about ISPs like Comcast. They try to creep in nefarious ways to get your money. They like to sell you at a low price for low bandwidth, THEN upsell you more bandwidth when your data is capped.


See…we don’t play these type of games. With our fiber optic internet, we offer you as much bandwidth as you need for your business and more. We will not cap your data just to extract more money from you. Our business believes in transparency and integrity so we commit ourselves to a high standard. We offer high bandwidth so your business can move forward to new levels in productivity and revenue.


Your download speed is the same as your upload speed

Have you ever gotten fast upload speed? We sure haven’t when we had cable internet. It’s ridiculous as you would think the amount of money you are paying, you’ll get a decent amount of upload speed for Cable or DSL. Take a look at the image below.




This is an example of a customer using Comcast as their internet service provider who thinks they are getting “high quality.” It’s outrageous and utter nonsense. See with fiber optic internet, you won’t have a huge difference in upload and download speed. This is what I mean.




I did this speed test outside of our office on my Samsung Galaxy S10. This is showing you a prime example of how we practice what we preach for our internet service. The upload speed you get with fiber will always be “symmetrical” with your download speed. And that’s 1 freaking Gig. (1Gpbs). We don’t believe in limitations for bandwidth and we refuse to bottleneck our customers. Every business and individual deserves the fastest internet service.


Faster access to cloud applications

Unless you’re still living in the past and using old technology, most software applications are accessed via a web application. So long are the days when we used to buy a perpetual license and didn’t have to worry about a monthly cost. With the advent of SaaS (Software as a Service), your business can’t function without an internet connection, period.


Think about all the software applications or web apps you use in your daily life. They all require an internet connection and without one, you wouldn’t be able to get any work done at all. You can see it in modern society, remote workers who program from home or even a blog writer who writes at an internet cafe. This is why it’s more important than ever to not have any issues with a slow connection. Your work depends on a high-performance internet.


Low latency

How many times have you had buffering interruptions when you were streaming a video? Too many for us to count. The thing with other types of internet connections, they’ll eventually experience high latency due to many variables. Your employee can be streaming a training video, someone can be video conferencing, or you’re on a Skype call with a client. No matter what the scenario is, you can’t afford to have high latency for your business.


What are some examples when latency starts becoming a problem?

  • Videoconferencing with your team and there are significant delays when someone speaks.
  • Your downloads take more than thirty minutes to complete when it should take minutes.
  • E-mails sent from your business don’t instantly reach your recipient’s inbox.
  • Web pages don’t load as fast as they should. (Sometimes, it’s the website itself that is the problem and not your connection.)
  • Your server backups are timing out and have not completed properly due to high latency.




Less impact from weather

When I had cable internet, I remember I would always worry when there was a storm or a hurricane going on. Early signs of a storm would always worry me since I knew my Internet would always go down. Ever since I switched to fiber internet, that problem rarely, if ever, happens at all. Majority of the time it is able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions going on outside.


This means when it comes to rain or snow, fiber optic cables aren’t going to be affected by the weather. However, if a tree or automobile happens to strike where the fiber pole is, then yeah, you can expect it to go down immediately. But as I am mentioning this, it is a very rare occurrence and this is usually done by people rather than the weather. Not even an HVAC or cooling system would cause any minor impact for a fiber optic cable.


Also, it is resistant to radio waves and any radiation from electromagnetic frequencies. This is why it is frequently used in industrial applications since it can be laid out nearby any industrial equipment without problems. If you haven’t figured it out by now, these type of cables isn’t affected by temperature, unlike copper cables. And, did you know, you can submerge fiber optic cables? Pretty cool if you ask me.




Enhances business capabilities

What’s a better way to please your customers? Serve them faster, of course. With fiber optic internet, you can enhance your customer user experience and employee experience. It’s a win-win for your business and your customers. You’ll be able to complete transactions for your customers at the speed of light while completing your work at fasters speeds than your competitors. And, I think we can all agree, we’re always trying to one-up our competitors somehow. This is definitely an option and a way of doing just that.


Does your business have VoIP? If you don’t by now, it’s time to get with the program. Communication is vital to a business and having the right tools to relay a message to a customer or an employee is more important than ever. Fiber connections have proven to supply a clear signal consistently for VoIP. Whether you use free software to speak with your remote workers or even PoE (Power over Ethernet) phones, you’ll need to have a high-quality connection to avoid missing any important detail from someone.


Less maintenance needed

What if you didn’t need constant maintenance for your internet service? I used to despise the times I needed to call a “technician” from Comcast to fix my Internet connection. This was on a bi-weekly basis too, it was more than frustrating, it was disappointing. Luckily with fiber internet, you’ll rarely need to contact customer support or call a technician to fix your service. There are rarely any problems once the fiber connection is installed, given that it was installed correctly and in a secure manner. It saves you a lot of time and worries and it gives you more time to focus on growing your business.




A wise investment for your infrastructure

As a business, we know how important it is to make the right investments. We don’t like making the wrong ones and then start feeling buyer’s remorse. It’s the worst feeling for a business owner. When it comes to internet service, it’s no exception. You’re making a long-term investment that you’ll be using for years to come. The sales that you get to close quicker will be the result of the fast speeds you get from an internet connection like fiber.


One thing we want to point out when it comes to fiber internet that you should know early on is that it’s not the cheapest option compared to cable internet and DSL. You should never associate a cheaper price to high-quality internet service. If that was the case, the whole world would be using Comcast Internet and not the other options that are out there. When it comes to fiber optic internet, you’re getting what you pay for. You’ll receive nothing less than the best speeds and service because that’s how it should be.


Easy to install

Compared to copper cables, which are used for cable internet, fiber optic cables are WAY easier to install. They weigh a lot less, so they are easy to do long cable runs. It is not a pain to maintain since they are so lightweight, and even if you had a ton of fiber optic cables in your server room, they are really easy to organize. Your IT employee would have no issue since it wouldn’t be a mess of cables. Having the right technician to install your fiber optic internet is key from cable overload. We dislike a cable mess as much as you do. You can save a ton of space just by getting rid of those heavy copper cables.




Every industry can benefit from fiber optic internet

This type of connection is not industry specific and can be used for all types of different businesses out there. You would think since it’s so new and cutting-edge that technology industries can only use this. Actually, that’s not the case. From government facilities, universities, and local small businesses, each has its own use case to benefit from this high-speed connection. As you can imagine in these types of environments, many users are using the internet connection and they can’t afford to have any bandwidth issues.


For example, in a hypothetical scenario, a higher education institution needs to increase its network throughput, but they can’t since their internet is limited. Fiber internet has the potential to do this and can solve their network problem. Despite how large the campus may be, this type of installation wouldn’t that be much of an issue because fiber can be routed in an efficient manner. The size of the environment where the business is does not impact the speed or reliability of any fiber connection.



Whatever your business might be in, you should never have to suffer from slow internet. Everyone deserves consistent, reliable, and affordable internet service that scales with their business growth. As your business operations increase, let’s say, you are adding additional offices, fiber optic internet can easily grow with you.


If you have any questions about fiber internet or you are interested in giving fiber a trial for your business, feel free to give us a ring. We’re a team of passionate individuals that love this type of technology and we share our knowledge about fiber with everyone. We have installed fiber optic internet to over 100 businesses in Miami. Our vision for our company is for everyone living in Miami to switch from cable to fiber. We want everyone to experience all the benefits that fiber can offer. Let’s help you get started.