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Law Firms Can Benefit From VoIP

Do you know the advantages of using a VoIP Service in your law firm?


A VoIP solution within a law firm will change however you speak and work with a lot of benefits not that is common in old phone lines. Feature likes conferencing, call forwarding and third-party software integration.


To start, VoIP can save you a lot of money on your phone bill. Old phone lines that you are probably paying, for now, can be eliminated. You forget about paying $50 per phone line plus those long distance expenses. When you have a VoIP service, the numbers that you rent are included. You can say goodbye to long distance phone charges. Also, you won’t need to buy an additional phone system. All you need is the phone you use on your desk.


VoIP Features


Communication is everything within a law firm. It helps to add any feature to make any type of communication easier. Things like, conferencing, recording your calls, forwarding your calls, putting on hold music, voicemail, auto attendants, and call records.


Records of your Calls


It’s important to keep track of how long you are talking to your clients. That’s where call records come in handy. Since you’ll be billing by the minute or hour, having an easy way to look up these records saves a ton of time.  In addition, you can record any call in case you want to refer back to a previous conversation with a client.




Whenever you don’t have someone unable to pick up the phone or it’s past business hours, you can set an auto-attendant. This will properly route to someone’s voicemail so your client can leave a message without any problem of losing the communication. In addition, you can even forward your calls to your cell phone in case you are traveling.


Voicemail 2 E-mail


You don’t need to call your voicemail in order to go one by one to hear each message. You can easily receive your voicemail in an e-mail and hear it through an MP3 file. This will allow you to hear these messages any time you want and from any place, you are at.



In Conclusion


If you have a law office that doesn’t have VoIP. Give it a try and see what it could do for your business. We can help you change the way you collaborate and communicate in your firm.